Find out how well your suppliers really are

You choose not just a supplier. Usually you make a careful choice. But do you also check how they perform?

With our suppliers performance measurement you can see how satisfied your colleagues are about the suppliers in your organisation. We have already devised the questions for you, so that you always work with a validated questionnaire as a starting point in each product group. Just add your colleagues, plan the review and put your seat in the relax booth!

The Supplier performance measurement provides a wealth of information. You get the chance to evaluate and improve performance. With a unique benchmark. You can also use the results to achieve quality certification such as HKZ and ISO. has its origins in the Dutch health care area where more than 80 of the largest health care organisations are currently participating. Together they are good for more than 17,000 reviews.

How does the measurement work?

Do you want to measure the performance of your suppliers? There you specify which suppliers you want to assess and within which product group. The specified evaluators then receive a short digital questionnaire.

What are the results?

Have the evaluators completed and sent the questionnaire? Then you see the results. In addition, you can compare the performance of your suppliers with their performance in comparable healthcare organizations.

Best Supplier Award

Intra-sale annually reaches the best supplier Award for care. The nominations for this prize are derived from the results of the supplier performance measurement. Thus, your assessment contributes to paying extra attention to good suppliers.

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